Five Go covers and 'far-reaching' consumer campaign revealed

Five Go covers and 'far-reaching' consumer campaign revealed

Quercus plans a "far-reaching" consumer campaign for Five Go, a brand new series featuring Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five as adults.

The publisher has also revealed the covers for series, featuring the grown-up adventures of The Famous Five. The books are designed to serve as both a reminder for older readers of "the unbreakable bond" between Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy, and introduce newer readers to "the spiffing time you can have with a few friends and a dog", according to Quercus. 

Launching on 3rd November 2016 are the first four titles: Five Go Gluten Free; Five Go Parenting; Five Go On A Strategy Away Day; and Five on Brexit Island. A fifth will follow on 1st December 2016: Five Do Dry January. 


The books make use of a multi-million-selling global brand following in the footsteps of the Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups, a Christmas hit last year, that combined has sold over 2m copies at over 100,000 copies apiece, according to Nielsen Bookscan's Total Consumer Market.

Quercus has high hopes for the series, reporting a "fantastic" response from booksellers, as well as "a huge amount of excitement" from press - BBC News, Huffington post, Telegraph, Metro, Evening Standard, Stylist, Guardian and The Pool - on announcing the acquisition in May. A spokesperson for Quercus said, "all the signs are that we will have bestsellers on our hands".

Booksellers will be given free-standing display units (FSDUs), T-shirts and tote bags to help promote the titles in store.

There will also be a "far-reaching" consumer campaign with online and print advertising running from publication through to Christmas, including a social media campaign, to reach people who read and enjoyed Enid Blyton when they were growing up. The promotion will reach nearly 2m people, Quercus said, while press coverage on publication will be "extensive", according to the publisher.