Quercus unveils new logo and celebrates with bookseller tour

Quercus unveils new logo and celebrates with bookseller tour

Quercus has rebranded with a new logo to reflect its “independence, dynamism, warmth, creativity and ambition”, celebrating the move by visiting 85 bookshops across the UK.

The publisher, which was formed in 2004, has changed its new logo from simply showing the full name to displaying a bold, red "Q" above the brand. 

To celebrate the new identity and show appreciation for booksellers in this challenging period, Quercus said it “turned the idea of the traditional sales conference on its head" by sending staff out to bookshops across the UK. On 14th September, 40 of its employees visited 85 bookshops in 20 towns and cities near Hachette’s national offices and further afield, from Edinburgh to Newcastle to Brighton. 

As part of the "Big Day Out", Quercus had meetings with booksellers and distributed tote bags filled with bookmarks and booklets plus a selection of key titles for 2022. Books included Anything Could Happen by Lucy Diamond, How To Be Perfect by creator of "The Good Place" Michael Schur, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness by Claire Vaye Watkins and This is the Canon by Joan Anim-Addo, Deirdre Osborne and Kadija Sesay. 

Jon Butler, Quercus m.d., said: “I’d like to thank designer Andrew Smith for his fabulous new logo, which really captures the ‘quirk’ that makes Quercus a little bit special. Over its short history, Quercus has made a name for itself as both a hit-maker and a home for exciting new voices from around the world. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve fanned that open, internationalist spark into a flame, working to create a progressively diverse list and I can’t wait for booksellers and readers to discover some of the amazing books we’ll be publishing with our new Q on the spine next year.” 

Earlier this month, Quercus acquired independent publishing house Arcadia Books for an undisclosed sum, to be based within the MacLehose Press imprint.