James Rhodes' mental health memoir signed by Quercus

James Rhodes' mental health memoir signed by Quercus

Quercus is publishing a new book from concert pianist James Rhodes next year exploring mental health.

Fire On Both Sides, incorporating elements of both memoir and self-help, will break down myths surrounding depression and mental health, while Rhodes looks back on a gruelling five-month music tour in which he was forced to confront "tortuous voices" in his own mind head on. It will also explore how in music he found his "holy grail" and mechanism for survival. 

Non-Fiction publisher Katy Follain acquired World rights to Rhodes' new book in a deal with Denis Blais of Denis Blais Management Ltd, to publish on 11th January 2018.

The book will be Rhodes' third. It follows Instrumental, his memoir published with Canongate in 2015 after the Supreme Court overturned an injunction preventing its release, and How To Play the Piano, part of Quercus' new "how to" series Little Ways to Live a Big Life.

Rhodes said: "I've always thought that we are all at least a little bit batshit crazy, that every one of us could be diagnosed with at least one thing from the DSM-V. I all too often feel like I have the 'Reservoir Dogs' crew stuck in my mind and on the rampage 24/7. My hope is that this common ground is something that, like music, can unite us at a time when there is so much that is intent on pushing us apart."

Follain said: "This is an important, urgent book. It’s about going through your day feeling crazy and not finding a way out, it’s about not setting the happiness bar too high, and accepting the messy imperfection that is life. In the way only Rhodes can, he explodes the myths surrounding depression, anxiety and stress – the plagues of our society – into a million pieces, then sticks them back together again with his characteristic thought-provoking, laser sharp and humorous style. I am so proud to be publishing his third book, which will be just as essential as Instrumental and How To Play the Piano were."

News of Rhodes' book follows that of a memoir and "kind of self-help book" from singer-songwriter James Arthur, reported yesterday, that will also share struggles with mental health issues. This week imarks s Mental Health Awareness week.