Quercus to publish 'business god' Boulle

Quercus is set to publish a new book from reality TV star Francis Boulle.

The 23-year-old diamond mining heir and IT entrepreneur found fame as one of the cast of reality-soap "Made in Chelsea", and will now be releasing a collection of wit and wisdom called Boulle’s Jewels.

The book, which will be full of illustrations and diagrams, offers an indiosyncratic guide to business, love and life in general.

Jenny Heller, Quercus non-fiction publishing director, said: “Francis Boulle is king of the new life gurus. A business god. A philosophy king. Dating expert. Friend to all animals. Quercus is thrilled to be publishing such an esteemed entrepreneur. Richard Branson, watch out.”

Boulle has appeared in three series of the E4 show, as well as setting up websites such as sexymp.co.uk, which asks users to rate members of parliament based on their attractiveness.

His book will be published in November at £10.