Quercus bids to recreate Larsson buzz

Quercus bids to recreate Larsson buzz

Quercus c.e.o. Mark Smith (pictured) and Christopher MacLehose of Quercus imprint MacLehose Press will today (11th February) be handing out 1,000 finished copies of a crime novel translated from the French, in a bid to create the same word-of-mouth buzz that launched Stieg Larsson.

Apple will also be giving away 50 e-book downloads of Alex by Pierre Lemaitre via bespoke site www.whoisalex.co.uk.

The novel, to be published on 14th February, is the story of a kidnapping, with victim Alex Prevost snatched off a Parisian street. MacLehose Press describes it as one of its strongest crime titles in translation since the Larsson trilogy.

One of the factors behind the success of Larsson's debut The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Smith has said, was the fact that proof copies of the novel were handed out by Quercus staff to people on the street.

The mass giveaway will take place in London W1.