Quercus bags 'explosive' memoir by fake heiress Anna Delvey's friend

Quercus bags 'explosive' memoir by fake heiress Anna Delvey's friend

Quercus has bagged an “explosive” memoir about Anna Delvey, the con-artist who tricked New York’s elite into thinking she was a billionaire heiress.

My Friend Anna: The true story of Anna Delvey, the fake heiress who conned me and half of New York City by Rachel DeLoache Williams will be published on 25th July.  Non-fiction publisher Katy Follain bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Anna Carmichael at Abner Stein.

Close friend Williams was one of many convinced by Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, and her false identity using falsified bank documents, bad cheques and carefully edited online photos. Sorokin was convicted of multiple offences last week, including stealing more than £200,000, and could be jailed for up to 15 years.

Williams met Delvey through mutual friends but began to suspect she was not all she seemed after her debit card was declined in a luxury Moroccan holiday resort. The synopsis explains: “Written by Rachel DeLoache Williams, who believed Anna's convincing yet brazen lies before helping the police to track her down (fittingly, deciphering Anna's location using Instagram), this is a memoir that will resonate with a generation forever preoccupied with presenting a confected, curated and ‘better’ life online.”

Follain said: "We are thrilled to be publishing this breathless and page-turning account of Rachel’s horrendous experience, in her own words. Her story is a warning to us all, and the expression ‘fake it till you make it’ has never felt so chilling and true. We are proud to be putting forward her version of the extraordinary events that unfurled after she first met Anna Delvey."

Williams is a photography editor for Vanity Fair and has worked on shoots by Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger and on subjects ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Bruce Springsteen.

She said: “I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to share my story. No one thinks this will happen to them—but Anna was charming, connected, and smart. This is a story full of nuance and deception. It examines the role of trust in friendships and society. I hope it may help others to see the warning signs where I did not.”