Queen Victoria story to be published

Queen Victoria story to be published

A story written Queen Victoria wrote at the age of 10 will this May appear in print for the first time.

The Adventures of Alice Laselles by "Alexandrina Victoria aged 10 3/4" will be published by the Royal Collection Trust in May as a 64-page hardback. It will be sold through general bookshops for £14.95 but at the lower price of £9.95 at the Trust's physical shops in London, Windsor and Edinburgh or via its website

The story, written by Queen Victoria more than 150 years ago, is about Alice Laselles, a student at Miss Duncombe's school for girls, and is described as a “delightful and unique children's story, which will still enchant and captivate every little princess today”. It will be published with an introduction by Jacqueline Wilson.

The story is undated but is likely to have been written in 1829-30, according to the Telegraph.

A royal spokesperson told the newspaper: “We think Queen Victoria wrote this story when she was just coming up to her 11th birthday.

 “It’s a pretty long story to have been written by someone who was only 10 3/4, but Victoria loved writing – she kept a journal, or diary, from the age of 13, and wrote in it every day. You can see that even when she was a child, she was someone who loved words.”