Quarto launches smart thinking series Build+Become

Quarto launches smart thinking series Build+Become

Quarto is launching a brand for the "smart thinking" market called Build+Become and plans to roll out a new book series of the same name.

Launching in May, Quarto said Build+Become will not only offer an "inspiring" range of books, but digital content and events "designed to make you think differently and to reflect the way consumers increasingly download information in bitesize form, from infographics to podcasts".

The series of books, priced £12.99 each, will be written by experts with access to latest research and cover a range of "hot" topics within such areas as technology, politics, philosophy and sociology. Its aim is to help readers "build their understanding of our changing world". Topics, chosen for their relevance, include the impact of driverless cars to what your face shape says about you and whether we should still get married in the 21st century. 

The first four Build+Become titles are: Read People: Understand Behaviour. Expertly Communicate by medical and science writer Rita Carter; Think Differently: Open Your Mind. Philosophy for Modern Life by the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s Adam Ferner; Being Creative: Be Inspired. Unlock Your Originality by creativity consultant Michael Atavar and Get Technology: Be in the Know. Upgrade Your Future by associate editor of TechRadar, Gerald Lynch.

According to Quarto, the books' format, structure and approach is its unique selling point with each Build+Become title to take one area of modern living and break it down into a series of 20 "accessible but thought-provoking" lessons that readers can apply knowledge to their day-to-day lives. They will be "visually-led, with stunning graphics", in addition, to facilitate bite-size learning.

Publisher Kerry Enzor commented: “Each title in the Build+Become series will be provocative but accessible, taking theories off the page into real-world understanding. Rather than textbook-like tomes that require hours of study, they reflect the way we digest so much of our information today: in graphic, bite-size form. Much like a podcast, readers can dip in and out – ensuring that the experience will be as enjoyable as it is informative – making them perfect for time-poor individuals looking to dip a toe into a new subject. This is the start of a really exciting new knowledge brand, and will continue the expansion of The Quarto Group’s publishing into the Smart Thinking market.”