Quarto acquires world rights to Little People, Big Dreams series

Quarto acquires world rights to Little People, Big Dreams series

The Quarto Group has acquired worldwide rights to the critically acclaimed Little People, Big Dreams series. 

The series, which has been published in the English Language by its imprint Frances Lincoln Children’s Books since 2016, has sold more than 1.5 million copies sold to date, according to Quarto.  In the UK, the whole series has sold 301,421 books for £2.5m through TCM, with Coco Chanel the bestseller on 30,270 copies sold.

Karine Marko, group director of foreign rights and Violette Nico, children’s foreign rights director at The Quarto Group bought the rights from Idoia Moll, editor at Spanish publisher Alba Editorial.  

Marko said: “It’s a real honour to represent Little People, Big Dreams in foreign markets and we look forward to working with our partners around the world to bring this incredible series to as many countries and young readers as possible. We strongly believe that the future is about brand and IP management beyond pure rights selling. Little People, Big Dreams is the perfect example of this evolution and we will be looking at other brands for our portfolio.”

Little People, Big Dreams celebrates the important life stories of wonderful people of the world. From designers and artists to scientists, all of them went on to achieve incredible things. 

The series started with a feminist angle, focusing on women with Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo and Marie Curie as its first three titles. It quickly expanded in the following years and, in early 2019, introduced male role models, starting with David Bowie, Stephen Hawking and Muhammad Ali. Today, Little People, Big Dreams celebrates the diversity of society at large through its carefully curated selection. Most recent profiles include Jane Goodall, Zaha Hadid, Mary Shelley, Bruce Lee and Rudolph Nureyev. 

More than 30 original titles are now available in print and another 40 confirmed for publication, while the series has expanded well beyond hardback books, launching baby board books, learning cards, matching games, colouring books and even doll sets.

Katie Cotton, publisher, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, said: “We have big ambitions to grow this series into a powerful brand that spreads positive messages about life and society for children all over the world, and opens up new horizons for them through the journeys of all these inspiring people.” 

Moll from Alba Editorial added: “We couldn’t be happier with the degree of Quarto’s commitment to this series, both on the Editorial side and with English language sales, so we are really excited about partnering with them on foreign rights too, as this will undoubtedly unlock many new opportunities. We eagerly look forward to seeing what the future holds for Little People, Big Dreams.”