Quartet to launch investigative journalism imprint

Quartet to launch investigative journalism imprint

Quartet Books is launching a new imprint by veteran American broadcast journalist Charles Glass.

The imprint, called Charles Glass Books, will focus on investigative journalism, war, world politics and corporate and political corruption. The imprint will initially publish one book per quarter.

The imprint's first book is Time for Outrage, a 30-page pamphlet by a former member of the French Resistance during the Second World War . In the book, Stephane Hessel discusses the imbalance of world power between rich and poor nations and the need to reestablish social and economic justice. The book is out now and priced £4.25.

The second book,  D D Guttenplan's American Radical: The Life and Times of I F Stone, is published in May. It charts Stone's career as an investigative journalist and harassment by the FBI. The book will feature a foreword by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The third book is planned for August release. Norman Finkelstein's Farewell to Israel discusses how support for the Israeli lobby in America in changing.

Glass said: "The purpose of the imprint is to bring to a British readership high-quality journalism from writers who need more space than newspapers and magazines can afford to tell the significant stories of our time. The writing standards are the highest and the subject matter of vital importance to an understanding of the political, cultural and economic forces that shape the modern world."

Glass was formerly head of news at the American broadcaster ABC and has written for the Observer and Newsweek. In 1987, he was taken hostage in Lebanon by Shi'a militants and held for 62 days in Lebanon.