Quadrille picks up debut from I Love Lists creator Indeedy

Quadrille picks up debut from I Love Lists creator Indeedy

Quadrille has acquired List Yourself Happy, the debut book from happiness and positivity expert Jess Indeedy. 

Harriet Webster, junior commissioning editor, acquired world English language rights from Susan Smith at MBA. It will be published on 28th October. 

List Yourself Happy will provide 100 list prompts to choose from, including "Top 10 Foods That Bring You Joy" to "How would you like to be described?". Indeedy intends for the book to allow people to tap into their "inner gold", help to bring their unique values, dreams, and ideas into everyday life, and encourage wellbeing through simple but empowering steps, the publisher said. 

Indeedy has has shared her list-making method through events such as the "I Love Lists" night, radio, and features in publications such as Stylist and Vogue.

She said: "I believe that happiness is a practice, and there are so many wonderful ways to build better habits and fresh mindsets to enable brighter lives for ourselves. Using the power of list-making is my favourite method, and List Yourself Happy has been created to help readers draw out their unique expression of happiness. I can’t wait to share my techniques with as many people as possible to inspire joy, help them know themselves better and ultimately discover what makes them truly happy."

Webster commented: "After the last 18 months we’ve had the world is in a happiness slump – and this is the book to get us out of it. Inviting yet thorough in its approach, and with Jess’ signature wit littered throughout, I can’t wait for readers to find happiness using Jess’ expert methods."