Quadrille bags 'Blank' podcast companion book

Quadrille bags 'Blank' podcast companion book

Quadrille has acquired the companion book to hit podcast “Blank” by writer Giles Paley-Phillips and comedian Jim Daly, detailing those moments when things just aren’t going right.

Senior commissioning editor Céline Hughes bought world rights from Becky Bagnell at the Lindsay Literary Agency. Blank: Why it’s Fine to Falter and Fail, and How to Pick Yourself Up Again will be published on 18th March 2021.

The podcast delves into moments when we falter and fail and what we can learn from them, featuring interviews with guests such as Louis Theroux, Caroline Lucas, Reginald D Hunter, Jon Ronson and Dawn French.

Their book will feature hand-picked advice and anecdotes from the podcast, looking at the common experiences and lessons encountered by well-known people from comedy, acting, broadcasting, politics and sports and how they get through those moments. Topics range from public failure and imposter syndrome to parenting, creativity and social anxiety.

Hughes said: “Especially in 2020, it’s a real tonic to tune in to podcasts – and none more so than 'Blank'. With their friendly banter, stellar guests and insights into blank moments, Giles and Jim untangle those difficult moments we all have when we stall, publicly or privately. The book is a foray into their and their guests’ experiences and an attempt to extract some meaning and comfort. Throughout the book is the important message that talking and connecting are crucial to overcoming obstacles and that blankness can be filled with opportunity.”

The podcast started in 2018 as the result of Paley-Phillips and Daly’s own "blank" moments. They said: "We are so excited to see this book come to life, we realised early into the process of recording the podcast that there was a huge amount of scope on what a 'blank' moment means to each individual and that a book could expand on the things we've learned about ourselves as well as from our incredible guests along the way."