Quadrille adds Excell's gluten-free guide to list

Quadrille adds Excell's gluten-free guide to list

Quadrille has scooped How to Make Anything Gluten-Free, the first of a two-book deal with food blogger Becky Excell.

Publishing director Sarah Lavelle secured world rights from the author, for publication on 18th February 2021 in the UK and 23rd February in the US.

Excell is a full-time food writer with more than 280,000 followers on her social media channels and more than one million views monthly on her blog. She has been eating gluten-free food for over a decade and has written recipes for numerous online publications, as well as doing cooking demonstrations at events including the Cake and Bake Show.

Quadrilled said: “From proper chicken chow mein to pad thai, doughnuts to lemon drizzle cake, cheesecake to profiteroles, baguettes to pizza, plus dairy-free, vegan, veggie and low Fodmap options, Becky shows that a gluten-free life can be exciting and easy, without having to miss out."

Lavelle commented: “Becky has cleverly recognised that, even though they’re avoiding gluten, people still want all their favourite foods, not fussy ‘diet’ food. Her recipes are all about maximising flavour and enjoyment of food. It’s a liberating cookbook for anyone wanting to live gluten-free.”

Excell added: “When you’re gluten-free, almost all your favourite food goes onto the list of ‘things you used to eat’. This recipe book is all about reuniting gluten-free people with all the foods they miss, yet crucially — nothing looks or tastes ‘gluten-free’. I created this book as a bible that every gluten-free person needs to have in their home and I hope it banishes that long list of things that they could only dream of eating.”