Q&A with Sophie McKenzie

Q&A with Sophie McKenzie

What is All My Secrets about?

The story starts when Evie Brown discovers she is the daughter of a prima ballerina who died when she was a baby. Evie is due to inherit a huge amount of money – but this exciting news is overshadowed by the fact that her mum and dad kept her true parentage a secret from her and, even now, are refusing to tell her anything about her birth mother. Acting out in response, Evie is soon sent off to the island of Lightsea on a personal development course, where she meets up with a group of other teenagers and finds both romance and life-threatening danger…

All My Secrets
What inspired the story and have you ever won a large amount of money?

Sadly not! The idea for the book came from several places: I loved the concept of a remote island with a limited cast of characters as a kind of traditional murder mystery setting. I also wanted to get back to a truly family-oriented story about identity, with psychological drama and romance at its heart. Most of all I wanted to explore how and why we keep secrets from the people we love.

How does writing a thriller for young adults compare to an adult novel. Is there any difference?

There are some differences: adult thrillers are more likely to feature a greater number of central adult characters, a longer and more complicated plot and extended background and backstory. With children’s books there are more restrictions in terms of violence and swearing and sexual content. Having said that, whatever age group you’re writing for and whichever genre you’re writing in, what really matters, as far as I’m concerned, is the story.


What promotional plans do you have for the book?

All sorts of things! The brilliant Hashtag Reads have been running a super fan competition to find my number one fan – with some great prizes. I’m getting out on the road myself, doing events in schools and at festivals. So far the best fun was an author panel in early June with the wonderful CJ Daugherty and Ally Carter. We invited lots of bloggers who loved our early copies of All My Secrets!


All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzie (£7.99, Simon & Schuster) is out on 2nd July.