Pushkin Press to receive lottery grant

<p>Pushkin Press will receive a grant of &pound;25,000 from the National Lottery through Arts Council England to publish three books in translation. The money will fund the publication of <em>Fists</em>, by Italian novelist Petro Grossi, Stefan Zweig&rsquo;s autobiography <em>The World of Yesterday</em> and historical novel <em>The Queen&rsquo;s Necklace</em> by Antal Szerb. </p><p>The independent publisher, which specialises in translations of European classics and contemporary fiction, has been awarded funding from the Arts Council for the first time in its 11-year history.</p><p>Melissa Ulfane, Pushkin&#39;s publisher, said: &quot;The support from the Arts Council is most welcome, and could not come at a better time for Pushkin Press. We&rsquo;ve had a stellar first quarter in 2009. This Arts Council grant will make us even more confident in our ability to turn ambitious and investment-heavy projects into commercial successes.&quot;</p><p>Pushkin Press applied for the grant in January and credits its successful application partly to a careful choice of projects matching the Arts Council&#39;s criteria.</p><p><em>Fists</em> is three stories of young men learning the realities of adult life and will be published in June. <em>The Queen&rsquo;s Necklace</em>, an evocation of Marie Antoinette&rsquo;s court, will be published in September and <em>The World of Yesterday&mdash;an </em>insight into war-torn Europe&mdash;will be published in November.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>