Pushkin buys novel by Danish author Nors

Pushkin buys novel by Danish author Nors

Pushkin Press has acquired the UK and Commonwealth rights to a novel by Danish author Dorthe Nors.

The book, which has the English working title of Mirror, Shoulder, Signal!, is about a lonely woman in her forties who has an obscure medical condition and a sister who won’t talk to her. She is desperate to make changes in her life so starts by learning to drive.

Mirror, Shoulder, Signal! will be Nors’ first novel published in the UK, although Pushkin released an English-language version of her short story collection last year, entitled Karate Chop & Minna Needs Rehearsal Space.

Publisher Adam Freudenheim, who bought the rights from Christine Edhäll at the Ahlander Agency, said: “I'm thrilled that we're able to continue publishing the incredibly original (and often very funny) Dorthe Nors.  I adore her work in shorter form and am excited that we now have this new novel to share with British readers and thus help Dorthe reach the wider audience she so deserves.”

Nors is celebrated for her cutting-edge style, has been published in multiple languages, and had short fiction published in the New Yorker.  Her new novel is considered a "lead title of the season" in Denmark, Pushkin said.

UK publication is slated for spring 2017.