PUP launches grant for underrepresented scholars

PUP launches grant for underrepresented scholars

Princeton University Press (PUP) is to launch a grant to support underrepresented scholarly writers, preparing to draft a book proposal. 

The grant will be rolled out with the assistance of four book coaches, to offer mentorship to the recipients. It will cover all associated costs of the process, with grantees able to select a coach they wish to partner with.

The coaches include former tenured faculty member and the founder of InkWell Academic Writing Retreats Michelle Boyd, writing coach and editing business founder Jane Jones, author Laura Portwood-Stacer and Margy Thomas, founder of scholarly writing support website ScholarShape and host of the Oracles of Academia podcast. 

Each grantee will have a sponsoring PUP editor who will work with authors and coaches throughout the process. Following the coaching, grantees must agree to give PUP the right of first refusal on proposals. For any projects PUP does not pursue, press editors will mentor grantees on alternative possible publishing paths.

Scholars and other prospective authors are invited to apply through the PUP website, with applications reviewed by the press editors. The opportunity is open to previously published and first-time authors alike. Grants will be administered twice during the calendar year, with particular disciplines and groups specified for eligibility each cycle.

The first application cycle will run from 15th February to 1st April,  and will be open to women, transgender, and gender-expansive authors in science and mathematics. The decision to focus on these subject areas for the first grant cycle follows research into the demographics of PUP’s own lists and study of gender representation across STEM fields in the United States, United Kingdom and globally. Authors need not have a proposal prepared prior to application.

Applicants will be notified of decisions during the week of 17th May. The second application cycle will run from1st August to 17th September, and will be open to proposals in the social sciences. Additional author eligibility requirements and notification dates will be announced before 30th June.