Puffin snaps up O'Doherty's 'hilarious' heist story

Puffin snaps up O'Doherty's 'hilarious' heist story

Puffin will publish bestselling children's author and comedian David O'Doherty's "brilliantly funny" new book in May 2020. 

Editorial director Anthea Townsend bought world rights to The Summer I Robbed a Bank from Faith O’Grady at Lisa Richards Agency, Dublin.

Townsend said: “The Summer I Robbed a Bank is at once a hilarious heist story and an exquisite portrayal of the bond between a boy and his beloved, eccentric uncle. It is brilliantly funny, full of unforgettable characters and friendships, enormous heart and great adventure. David writes with such great warmth and humour; I absolutely fell for Uncle Derm and Rex – and their amazing story.”

O’Doherty added: “There was a period just before adolescence kicked in my bedroom door and set everything on fire, when all I thought about were shark attacks and concocting elaborate heist plans with my twelve year old friends. This book is about one of those things.”

"Rex's parents have split up, he's about to make the daunting move to secondary school, and to make matters worse he has to spend his summer holiday on a remote and rainy Irish island – with lots of unruly sheep for company. The only upside: he'll be staying with his strange and brilliant Uncle Derm," reads the synopsis. "Then Rex discovers Uncle Derm is about to execute his most hair-brained plan yet – to rob the island's travelling bank! Like the local legend of medieval Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley, Uncle Derm plans to redistribute the money to local needy causes on the island. And he needs Rex's help."

O’Doherty’s first series for children, Danger is Everywhere (Puffin), was translated into 18 languages and has sold over 71,464 books for £476,253 through BookScan, with his bestseller Danger Is Everywhere at 38,396 copies sold in paperback.