Puffin plans big, friendly Roald Dahl day

<p>A roadshow, a musical and a Roald Dahl Reading Relay are among the events planned for this year&#39;s Roald Dahl Day (13th September). Seventy Waterstone&#39;s branches will stage Roald Dahl Day events throughout September.</p><p>&nbsp;It will be the fifth year that the campaign has run and Puffin said it has had a continuing effect, with Dahl sales up 45% by value&nbsp;compared with the same period in&nbsp;2009, according to figures supplied by Nielsen.</p><p>Puffin campaign director Kirsten Grant said Dahl&#39;s sales were akin to &quot;one of our hottest frontlist authors&quot; and that the growth was a result of&nbsp;&quot;aggressive, strategic&nbsp;marketing&quot; with retailers.<br />Puffin also campaigns in schools and libraries and this year will launch the Roald Dahl Reading Relay encouraging children to read three Roald Dahl books for a prize. A&nbsp;storymaking&nbsp;web tool for&nbsp;Roald Dahl has been created for Penguin&#39;s children&#39;s&nbsp;subscription website, www.wemakestories.com. </p><p>New publishing will include <em>Storyteller: Roald Dahl </em>by Donald Sturrock, the first authorised biography of the author (HarperPress, September) and a new edition of <em>The Twits</em> with colour artwork by Quentin Blake. Puffin Books also publishes the first Roald Dahl annual this month.</p><p>The campaign is backed by Dahl&#39;s hardback publisher, Random House Children&#39;s Books, which has relaunched several titles. </p>