Puffin launches animated advert for gift-giving campaign

Puffin launches animated advert for gift-giving campaign

An animated advert celebrating 80 years of Puffin authors, illustrators and stories has been launched to mark the publisher's gift-giving campaign this winter.

The advert, created by stop motion experts Adeena Grubb and Andy Biddle, follows a little brother who goes on a magical journey to find his sister, visiting unforgettable moments from Puffin books along the way.

It includes meeting The Jolly Christmas Postman from the festive bestseller, hopscotching through mouldy cheese from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, encountering an escaped worm from Roald Dahl’s The Twits and discovering Waterstones Children's Book Prize-winner Look Up! 

Puffin said the "Pass on a Dream" campaign, promoted via social media and the Puffin website, aims to inspire families and friends to give either a pre-loved classic or a brand new book to loved ones.

Alex Moyet, brand director, said: “In a world that is currently so serious and complicated, it’s more important than ever for families to connect with stories, see themselves within the pages of books and be inspired to go on magical adventures. That’s why we are concluding Puffin’s 80th birthday year by launching our ‘Pass on a Dream’ campaign.  We hope this wonderful story showcases how the magical act of gifting a book, whether this is a pre-loved Puffin favourite or a shiny new book, proves that you too can pass on a dream.”

Puffin is offering a VIP (Very Important Puffin) Dreamer Letter to include as part of the wrapping when people give a book as a gift. The letter includes “a guide to looking after your book to ensure that you can imagine the biggest dreams possible and in turn become an official Puffin Dreamer”.

As well as being available to download the VIP Dreamer Letter for free from the Puffin website, Puffin followers will have a chance to win their own specially printed letter, alongside a collectable Puffin badge.

Dapo Adeola, illustrator of Look Up! and Clean Up!, said: “As a published illustrator I have learnt the importance of passing on dreams and how books can do this. My favourite Puffin story that I would pass on to any one of my loved ones is James and the Giant Peach. It was one of my favourite stories as a child growing up. It allowed me to go on an amazing adventure to far off lands without ever leaving my room. I hope it’ll do the same for any new readers.”