Publishing and TV deals announced for ‘futuristic’ YA trilogy

Publishing and TV deals announced for ‘futuristic’ YA trilogy

Ben Oliver, the debut author of YA trilogy The Loop, has signed a publishing deal with Chicken House and a TV development deal with Lime Pictures.

The story is centred around a character called Luka, who has been wrongfully imprisoned inside The Loop, the futuristic equivalent of death row where young offenders await their execution.  Inmates have the option of taking part in ‘delays’, medical and scientific experiments that push back the date of their execution, but when rumours of war start to circulate, Luka realises breaking out of The Loop might be his only chance to save himself.

Chicken House acquired world rights (excluding Czech) from Chloe Seager at Northbank Talent Management and will begin publishing the series in 2020, whilst Lime Pictures acquired TV rights from James Carroll, also at Northbank Talent Management.  

Scholastic has already acquired the US publishing rights and Chicken House Deutschland will publish the first novel in Germany.

Barry Cunningham, m.d. at Chicken House, said: “I couldn't be more excited by this thriller series where drones, surgical enhancements and energy tech have created a divided world  - unlocking the secrets of The Loop is going to be awesome.”

Louise Sutton, producer at Lime Pictures, added: “I am absolutely delighted to be working on The Loop with Ben. He has created an irresistible world and filled it with characters who you care for desperately. The book marries big conversations such as crime and punishment, and artificial intelligence with universal YA themes such as love, friendship and betrayal.  It is a riveting read that will be a joy to translate for the screen.”