Publishers warned over reviews trickster

<p>UK publishers are being warned by their counterparts in the Netherlands not to send review copies to a Dutch man posing as a magazine editor.</p><p>Peter Oosterbos has approached Dutch publishers for over 15 years, claiming to be the book reviews editor for the non-existent Furore Magazine. Oosterbos, who also calls himself Fred, communicates only by fax, asking for review copies to be sent to a PO Box in Roosvaal, a small city in southern Holland. </p><p>Oosterbos has now contacted British publishers. In mid-April he requested that Canongate forward 25 review copies. Canongate export sales manager Anna-Lisa Sandstrum said: &quot;Most of the books were not frontlist titles, so I called a customer in Holland and they said this man had been pulling this scam for years.&quot;</p><p>Hans van der Klis, a reporter for Dutch publishing magazine Boekblad, estimates that Oosterbos has received &quot;hundreds, maybe thousands&quot; of free books over the years. He said: &quot;By now, most publishers in Holland know him. But he tries to target new PR people and publishers who may not have heard of him.&quot;</p><p>Van der Klis said he and several publishers have tried to track Oosterbos down without any luck. Oosterbos has recently approached Penguin USA and Italy, and Dutch publishers De Geus and Tirion. </p>