Publishers report 'healthy' sales at Salon du Livre

<p>The Paris Book Fair closed its doors last night (31st March) with both good and bad news to report. Visitor numbers declined by about 7% from last year to an estimated 190,000 from 204,000, but some publishers reported heatlhy increases in sales, perhaps benefitting from the absence of Hachette Livre and other houses. <br /><br />Debates and author readings were well attended, more than 700 meetings were held to negotiate the sale of audiovisual rights, and all stands and events related to digitisation played to a full audience. The French Publishers Association&rsquo;s conference on digitisation attracted some 600 people.<br /><br />The possibility of taking the Salon du Livre back to the Grand Palais in central Paris had been raised in recent months, but next year&rsquo;s fair will again be held at the Porte de Versailles, from 18th to 23rd March. Guests of honour will be the five Nordic countries&mdash;Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. </p>