Publishers 'hostile' to Amazon ebook pricing, says Hachette chief

<p>Arnaud Nourry, chief executive of French publishing group Hachette Livre, has risked reigniting the fraught terms struggle with Amazon after he told the <em>Financial Times</em> that publishers were &quot;very hostile&quot; to Amazon&#39;s pricing strategy for Kindle books.</p><p> prices new Kindle books at $9.99 (&pound;6.14), a decision it took without consulting with publishers, and there are fears that the internet giant could impose a similar pricing strategy in Europe when the Kindle launches on the continent and in the UK later this year. Nourry is clearly preparing the groundwork for a larger fight. He warned that unilateral pricing by Google, Amazon and other e-book retailers such as Barnes &amp; Noble could destroy publishers&#39; profits and kill the lucrative trade in hardbacks. </p>