Publishers hold value as first-half sales drop

<p>The decline in the value of book sales has slowed slightly, new Publishers Association Sales Monitor figures suggest.</p><p>For home sales alone, the first half of 2009 saw a year-on-year decline, in value terms, of 4.3%. This compares with a more dramatic decline of 6.5% during the first quarter. </p><p>This scenario was reversed when it came to unit sales. For the first quarter, these were down just 4%, while the first half saw volume slide 8.3%. </p><p>Export sales increased by 5.1% by value but fell by 10.5% in volume.</p><p>In total, UK publishers saw sales decrease by 0.5% over the first half, compared with 0.6% in the first quarter. Volume dropped by 9.2%, however. </p><p>No one from the Publishers Association was available to comment on the figures, which represent roughly 250 publishers, or 70% of total UK publishers&#39; sales. </p>