Publishers build buzz with audio

<p>The International Herald Tribune reports that publishers are looking to the audio format to fuel interest in paper books that aren&#39;t quite ready for the printing press. It notes: &quot;Henry Holt and other presses are rethinking their audiobook divisions, which have negligible marketing budgets and typically ride the coattails of the hardcovers. Because audiobooks are so fast, inexpensive and easy to record, that dynamic seems to be changing . . .&quot;</p><p>&quot;And with the ubiquity of iPods, that interest can be generated quickly: Recordings need not be pressed onto CDs and packaged, but can quickly be uploaded to iTunes. Sometimes these recordings will be made with well-known authors whose next release isn&#39;t ready for bookstores, and other times with newcomers like Fogarty whose work has gained a following another way.&quot;<br /><br /></p>