Public vote to find Audible sitcom

Public vote to find Audible sitcom will tomorrow (7th July) launch This is Your Pilot Speaking!, a public vote to find its first original British sitcom.

Listeners will be able to hear five comedy pilots commissioned by Audible Originals. They will then be asked to give the pilots a star rating, with the pilot receiving the highest rating being made into a full series.

This is the first time that Audible, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, has commissioned original comedy content in the UK.

The pilots involve some of the UK’s best known comedians, including Hugh Dennis and Kevin Eldon.

The pilots are "The Un-Cynical Cannibal", which follows the adventures of a man washed up on a tropical paradise; "Catching Up with the Girls", a “sharp yet warm-hearted comedy about what happens after university; "Working for the Big Man", about an atheist who dies on his honeymoon and discovers God does exist, featuring Kevin Eldon; "Slaving Away", following the exploits of a dominatrix, and featuring Hugh Dennis; and "The Hub", described as “24 meets Blackadder”.

Steve Carsey, who heads Audible Originals in the UK, said: “From the moment we first read them, we were very excited by the concepts and quality of writing in each of these sitcoms. The writing just jumps off the page. Watching them to come to life in the studio was thrilling but seeing how the public votes on them will be the really exciting part.”

The competition will remain open until 31st December 2015. The pilots can be downloaded free from the Audible website.