Prowse returns to HoZ in three-book deal

Prowse returns to HoZ in three-book deal

Amanda Prowse is to return to Head of Zeus (HoZ) in a three-book deal, after publishing three books with Amazon Publishing imprint Lake Union Publishing.

Before being published with Amazon, Prowse published 14 titles with HoZ.

Head of Zeus c.e.o. Amanda Ridout bought world rights to Prowse's three books from Caroline Michel of PFD.

The first two books in the deal will be a “duet of novels” looking at a flawed, but “glorious” love story from both sides. Anna's and Theo's stories - subtitled One Love Two Stories – will be published in March and April next year in all formats and Head of Zeus will be striking deals for the titles in the translation markets at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Ridout said HoZ was “thrilled” to welcome Prowse back to the publisher with her three new novels. “Mandy’s extraordinary voice, which resonates with readers all over the world, has found two powerful new characters in this breathtaking love story”, Ridout said. “In true Prowse fashion it is both heart breaking and uplifting. We shall publish their stories one month apart to allow the readers to understand both sides of the relationship over a very short period and to emphasise the addictive quality of Mandy's writing.”

Prowse said: “I am truly excited not only about One Love Two Stories – a new concept that gives readers this 360° view on the lives of Anna and Theo, but also the opportunity to get on the road and come and have a cup of tea and a chat with booksellers across the UK. I am working with a fantastic team at Head of Zeus who will do what they do best: sprinkle their magic on Anna and Theo’s stories and make them fly!"