Prototype signs debut by Turner Prize-winning artist Helen Marten

Prototype signs debut by Turner Prize-winning artist Helen Marten

Independent publishing house Prototype has snapped up rights to Turner Prize-winning artist Helen Marten's debut novel. 

Publisher Jess Chandler acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to The Boiled In Between from Harriet Moore at David Higham Associates. The novel will be published in September 2020, priced at £12. 

The Boiled In Between is "an experimental novel which transposes the poetic sensibility of Marten’s visual work to the page", said Prototype. "It is a challenging, playful, enigmatic, tactile and deliberately ambiguous work of great inventiveness, which will establish Marten as an exceptional talent and unique voice in contemporary fiction."

The novel began as an attempt to map the structure and stories of a house, the publisher said. "Within its tilted, sensuous, alchemical world, characters navigate strange, meticulously indexed landscapes – real and conceptual – to question language and definition and illuminate the associative movements of our minds. Spliced between three voices, the narrative is a project always in movement. The characters traverse these in-betweens: the hot-blooded living world; the curious disembodiment of the imagination; and the rampant snipping away at time in a progression morbidly (and comically) ever closer to death."

Chandler added: "I'm incredibly excited to be publishing this brilliant debut which is unlike anything I have ever read. Marten’s poetic and sculptural use of language, and the imaginative depth of the world she has created, are unique and wholly original, and this book marks a hugely important step in the development of Prototype’s growing fiction list."