Profit up at Jonathan Goodman Publishing

Profit before tax at Jonathan Goodman Publishing, the parent company of Carlton Books Ltd and Andre Deutsch Ltd, has increased by 72% to £1.6m.

The figures, for the year to end December 2010, also show turnover is up 6% to £15.8m. In a statement, chairman Jonathan Goodman said: “In a challenging environment we had a good year across all our imprints, Carlton, Prion, Andre Deutsch and Goodman.

"We had sales over £100k each of 40 titles for the first time, in adult led by FIFA World Football Records, and The RAF Battle of Britain Experience, and in children's by our first augmented reality title Dinosaurs Alive!,  Dragonworld, Alice in Wonderland and The Graveyard Guide...International sales did well given the London Book Fair non-event”.

Speaking to The Bookseller, Goodman reiterated “we are always trying to push the boundaries and go in new directions” and said the company was investing in digital, adding its War in the Pacific app had sold 20,000 units.

Referring to the ongoing slump in sales of printed books on the high street, Goodman said: ”For our business, where we have an international spread of customers, we are not tottering in the pit of despair because the high street is having a hard time...[We] have to learn how to make relationships direct with [online enthusiasts] while continuing to support retailers.”

Among the forthcoming titles he selected as highlights were William and Catherine, The Royal Wedding Album, 40 Years of Queen: The Official Box Set, The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook. He said: "We probably have the best list we have ever had this year."