Profile's Killick to set up own agency

Ruth Killick, publicity director at Profile Books, is leaving the company to set up her own PR agency in Bristol.

Killick, who has been at Profile for 11 years, will leave to start Ruth Killick Publicity in May.

She said: "My 11 years at Profile have been an amazing experience—the chance to work with inspiring colleagues and sensational authors, in a company that publishes such ground-breaking books. Profile has tripled in size in the time I¹ve been here. What's more, we've had our share of surprise bestsellers, and it's been a privilege to be part of it."

She added: "I¹ve always admired entrepreneurs, which was one of my reasons for joining Andrew Franklin and the team back in 2002. It's been exciting to work in such a dynamic environment. Now it¹s time for me to set up on my own, continuing to create the best possible publicity campaigns for talented writers."

Profile m.d. Andrew Franklin said: "Ruth has headed our publicity department with aplomb, confidence, verve and imagination. She is simply the best. Since Ruth arrived our authors, other publishers and we ourselves have always said we have had the best publicity department in London ­ and the truth of the claim has been borne out by the amazing coverage we have had for all our books.

"We are gutted to see Ruth leave, but we will be at the front of the queue to sign up with her agency when it opens its doors."