Profile returns to Q&A for Polar Bears

<p>Profile Books is to return to the Q&amp;A format for its fourth New Scientist tie-in title, with last year&#39;s <em>How to Fossilize Your Hamster</em>--a guide to experiments--failing to match the success of the previous two titles.</p><p>The press will publish <em>Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?</em> on 9th October. The book will be edited by Mick O&#39;Hare, who compiled the previous three works. It will follow the same format as the two earlier books - <em>Does Anything Eat Wasps?</em> and W<em>hy Don&#39;t Penguins&#39; Feet Freeze?</em> - in gathering together some of the best questions and answers featured in the popular science magazine&#39;s Last Word section.</p><p>Collectively, the three existing books have sold more than 1.45 million copies worldwide.<em> Penguins</em>, the second in the range, was the most commercially successful, selling 815,000 copies worldwide, while <em>Wasps</em> sold more than 515,000. <em>Hamsters</em> was the least successful of the trio, although more than 250,000 copies were bought.</p><p>O&#39;Hare said the team had always planned to launch a third Q&amp;A book, but needed time to build up good quality material. He said: &quot;We have a very big archive, but this time I was aware we only had two years to cover &ndash; previously we&#39;d had a decade to pull from. But hopefully we&#39;ve done that and people will enjoy it.&quot; O&#39;Hare added that the third book was &quot;the most fun to do&quot;.</p><p>Profile has world rights (excluding North America) to the new book, which has a planned first print run of 120,000. It will be printed as a paperback carrying an r.r.p of &pound;7.99, and will be marketed through the New Scientist magazine and a Christmas direct campaign. In the US, the book will be published by Holt, while in Canada it will brought out by Penguin.</p>