Profile buys material physics book after 'hard-fought' auction

Profile buys material physics book after 'hard-fought' auction

Profile Books will publish an exploration of condensed matter physics, The Physicks of Dirt by Felix Flicker. 

Publisher Helen Conford acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Antony Topping at Green & Heaton in a "hard-fought" auction. US rights were sold, also at auction, to Eamon Dolan at Simon & Schuster. Publication is planned for autumn 2021.

In The Physicks of Dirt, Flicker focuses on condensed matter physics, which he says would have once "been considered magic". The book will act as manual for readers to become "contemporary wizards" and learn about the solids, liquids and gases that surround us.

Flicker commented: "Condensed matter physics is the most active area of physics research, with a third of all physicists working in this field. It's remarkable that it has gone largely unnoticed outside of the academic community, but it's remarkably lucky for us, because we get to tell its story."

Conford added: "The Physicks of Dirt is wonderful to read due to its mix of sincerity, originality and crystal clear explanation. Felix brings the material world alive and has such an inventive approach and tone that I can't see the matter around me in the way I did before. And I can't imagine a better way to see."