Printing error hits 'limited' Harper Lee stock

Printing error hits 'limited' Harper Lee stock

A "limited number" of copies of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman (William Heinemann) have been found to contain a printing error, with Penguin Random House's printer Clays having to print replacement stock.

Copies affected by the technical fault at Clays have two lines missing on each of six pages towards the end of the book.

A statement on the listing for the book states: "We have been advised that copies shipped before July 16th 2015 may be missing text on some pages. We are working with the publisher to replace all affected orders as quickly as possible. Orders placed after July 16th 2015 are not affected." 

A PRH spokesperson acknowledged: "Due to an error in the printing process a limited number of copies of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman are faulty.  Replacement copies are currently being printed and the situation will be resolved swiftly."

A spokesperson for Waterstones told The Bookseller its stock had not been affected by the problem.

Separately, Penguin Random House has ordered a reprint of the novel after strong early sales. First-day sales for Go Set a Watchman in the UK topped 105,000 copies across print and digital editions, the publisher has said.

Response to Go Set a Watchman continues in the media, with Sarah Churchwell in the Guardian offering the latest perspective. Churchwell says Go Set a Watchman will prove "an equally significant" book to To Kill a Mockingbird, though for different reasons. Churchwell terms To Kill a Mockingbird "a consoling book and a childish one", saying: "To Kill a Mockingbird has always been viewed as a parable about America. Go Set a Watchman is now forcing us to look more squarely at the racism lurking beneath, and we don’t like what we see."