'Talent and potential' of young people in sector marked by 2020 Print Futures Awards

'Talent and potential' of young people in sector marked by 2020 Print Futures Awards

Forty-four young people have scooped grants of up to £1,500 each in The Printing Charity’s 2020 Print Futures Awards for people aged 18 to 30 in the UK printing, paper, publishing, packaging and graphic arts sector.

The grants enable the winners to invest in their personal and professional development, including funding relevant UK training courses to build their skills. 

Among the winners from the world of publishing were Emily Badger, development editor at Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Cameron Myers, assistant editor at Hodder & Stoughton, Hilary Bell, PR executive at Egmont UK, Humairaa Dudhwala, assistant editorial controller at Manchester University Press, and Cleo Asabre-Holt, editorial assistant at Trigger.

The Bookseller's marketing and sales executive Phoebe Wyatt is also on the list.

This year’s awards received 125 applications, representing the depth and breadth of the sector from printing, publishing, packaging, and paper to print making, graphic arts, journalism, and bookbinding, according to the charity. The standard of candidates was "extremely high", it said, and 63 were shortlisted for interview.

Neil Lovell, The Printing Charity’s chief executive, said: "We’re really proud to have achieved 44 winners this year. We could have postponed the awards, for obvious reasons, but decided it was important to keep them running and we are really pleased we did as this year’s winners are a positive reminder of the talent and potential of young people working in the sector.

"It’s easy to forget the future when we’re in the middle of a crisis but these winners are the sector’s future. This year’s awards more than ever have shown the enthusiasm and commitment of the new generation to a sector they see as a rewarding, long-term career choice."

More about The Printing Charity's winners can be seen on its website, and the full list comprises: Cleo Asabre-Holt, Emily Badger, Grace Balfour-Harle, Beth Barker, Tanika Bartlett, Hilary Bell, Toby Bryant, Melissa Carne, Hannah Clarke, Saffron Cooper-Siddle, Ross Darrell, Luke Dray, Humairaa Dudhwala, Maya Elese, Sarah Gee, Catherine Glover, Noah Grey, Aisling Holling, Sean Kearnan, Shabnom Khanom, Lottie Kilraine, Siu Fan Lee, Bryony Magee, Jordan Manning, Victoria Montgomery, Hetty Mosforth, Cameron Myers, Madeleine Pearson, Freya Pratty, Eilidh Reid, Eva Rojas, George Rumball, Kate Samuelson, Jordan Saunders, Laura Shanahan, Emma Sheffield, Jovahn Smithen, Liorah Tchiprout, Daniel Treece, Benjamin Wareing, Bethany White, Robyn Whitehead, Emily Wootton, and Phoebe Wyatt.

This year’s sponsors and supporters are The Publishing Training Centre, Foilco, and Baddeley Brothers.