Princeton UP signs physicist Jim Al-Khalili

Princeton UP signs physicist Jim Al-Khalili

Ingrid Gnerlich at Princeton University Press has signed a book from Professor Jim Al-Khalili, provisionally titled The World Physics Made. 

Gnerlich signed world rights from Patrick Walsh at Pew Literary Agency.

The World Physics Made is described as a short, reflective work which "will cover the essential facets of what physics is, why it is so important for revealing the workings of nature, and how our worldview and the world itself has changed as physics has unravelled so many mysteries over its grand scope".  

The book is said to be "informed by Al-Khalili’s unique perspective as a scientist, educator, and public intellectual, a modern historical perspective, and the current zeitgeist".

Al-Khalili is Professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey, as well as a regular broadcaster and presenter.