Princeton University Press launches in-house speakers' agency

Princeton University Press launches in-house speakers' agency

Princeton University Press (PUP) has launched an in-house speakers' agency, PUP Speaks, the first of its kind for a university press. 

The agency will represent a cohort of PUP authors, working with them from signing to develop global speaking platforms. PUP said that as a publisher "committed to bringing scholarly ideas to the world", its mission extends "beyond the promotion of any one book".

"PUP authors’ ideas, words, research and data have the potential to shape conversations, policies and learning in enduring ways," the publisher said.

The initiative will work closely with contracted authors to manage the logistics and strategy for public and private speaking engagements. The publisher said it was also committed to equity and inclusion and will "seek and support opportunities to give greater voice to scholars underrepresented in, and historically excluded from, their fields of study".

Katie Hope, PUP director of marketing and sales, said: “Amid an increasingly fraught information  environment, PUP authors possess diversity of expertise in their fields. Our marketing and publicity teams do incredible work helping authors to grow their profiles  in order to  raise visibility for their books. This new initiative will expand the impact of these collaborations, outside the traditional frontlist publicity cycle, in exciting ways.”

The agency will be overseen by Katie Stileman, who previously directed global publicity and author relations at MIT Press. PUP Speaks is actively engaging organisations, institutions and speaking venues across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, with speaking events already confirmed for 2021 and into 2022.