Princeton UP author in Nobel physics win

Princeton UP author in Nobel physics win

Princeton University Press has extended “hearty congratulations” to its author Kip S Thorne, who has been named one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2017.

Thorne, who is emeritus professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology, has been honoured, alongside fellow physicists Rainer Weiss and Barry C Barish, for his work on the observation of gravitational waves through the collision of black holes.   

A new hardback edition of Thorne’s “renowned classic” Gravitation, co-authored with Charles Misner and John Wheeler, is published by Princeton UP this month (24th October). He is also the author of Modern Classical Physics, co-authored with Roger Blandford, also from Princeton UP.

Christie Henry, Princeton UP director, said: "Dr Thorne's creativity and brilliance haave been as grounding to Princeton University Press's publishing programme in the  physical sciences as gravitation is to the human experience." Henry said that Thorne's Gravitation and Modern Classical Physics were "vital to our mission of illuminating spheres of knowledge to advance and enrich the human conversation, and today we celebrate his commitment to science with the Nobel committee and readers across the universe."

The publisher is also bringing out The Little Book of Black Holes by Steven S Gubser and Frans Pretorious next week (11th October), described as “a fool-proof introduction to the science behind black holes."

Princeton published Einstein's The Meaning of Relativity in 1922.