PRH: 'year of implementation' ahead

PRH: 'year of implementation' ahead

2015 will be a “year of implementation” for Penguin Random House, with the work ahead allowing PRH to “fully realise the potential of our new company”, c.e.o. Markus Dohle has told employees.

In a letter to PRH staff worldwide, Dohle said that it was “incredible what our company has been able to achieve during these transformative times of our business, and our company”.

He thanked employees and said: “What you accomplished in 2014 would be an impressive feat for any publishing group, never mind one that is in the process of combining two great legacies. You’ve given new and established voices an audience and created better ways to connect our authors with readers. You’ve started countless conversations about our books. You’ve been able to positively influence lives around the world with our publishing and, furthermore, with your support of our charitable efforts.”

Dohle categorized 2014 as a “year of preparation” for PRH in terms of its systems, IT infrastructure and distribution environments. “Most of the process changes we’ve laid the groundwork for will take effect next year,” he wrote. “The work ahead will allow us to more fully realize the potential of our new company.”

Looking forward to 2015, Dohle said the year was “shaping up to be another strong year of excellent publishing across our divisions, in adult and in children’s, one in which we can continue to change the world with the books we publish and the work we do to support reading culture”.