PRH voted fifth best place to work in UK media

PRH voted fifth best place to work in UK media

Penguin Random House has been voted one of the top five media companies to work for in the UK, according to anonymous employee rating site Glassdoor, ahead of the BBC and Sky, and the only book publisher to make the top 10.

The publisher was ranked fifth in the top 10 media companies to work for in the UK, after Channel 4 in first place, Immediate Media in second, Archant in third and the Economist in fourth position. It beat ITV, the BBC, Trinity Mirror, The Financial TimesThe Guardian and Sky, among other leading media names. 

PRH secured a Glassdoor rating of 4.2 out of 5, based on 170 reviews, with one of the site’s users (made up of both current and former employees) endorsing the publisher for having "inspiring books and people", "great company perks" and a "culture of general niceness”. 

Other reviews posted on the site within the last six months praised management for its support and PRH's “friendly” company culture, but highlighted the job can involve long hours, a challenging work load and low salary. Another review criticised the company for allegedly becoming “more corporate” since the merger.

PRH earlier this year launched its "creative responsibility manifesto" in a formal bid to become a more inclusive employer, which included a re-run of its open entry-level recruitment programme, The Scheme, offering paid traineeships based purely on "core strengths needed to succeed as an editor".

The approval rating of PRH's chief executive, Markus Dohle, is 89% on the Glassdoor website, which unlike the rankings includes reviews from all countries, not just UK. The approval rating of the Economist’s chief executive, Chris Stibbs, was 54% by comparison, despite weighing in as the fourth best media company to work for on the list overall.

Elsevier was listed 13th best media company to work for in the UK rankings, achieving a rating of 3.5. The average company rating on Glassdoor overall is 3.2. Elsevier performs well on work life balance, according to the Glassdoor website, but alleged drawbacks according to negative reviews on the website include stilted career development and “endless cost cutting”.


Glassdoor Highest-rated Media Companies:

1) Channel 4, company rating 4.4
2) Immediate Media, company rating 4.4
3) Archant, company rating 4.3
4) Economist Group, company rating 4.2
5) Penguin Random House, company rating 4.2
6) Ink, company rating 3.8
7) BBC, company rating 3.7
8) ITV, company rating 3.7
9) Trinity Mirror, company rating 3.7
10) Financial Times, company rating 3.6
11) Guardian News & Media, company rating 3.6
12) NBCUniversal, company rating 3.6
13) Elsevier, company rating 3.5
14) Chelsea Magazine Company, company rating 3.5
15) Sky, company rating 3.4