Waddington made PRH international sales director

Waddington made PRH international sales director

Penguin Random House UK has appointed Rob Waddington as international sales director in a move that brings group and exports teams under a single leadership.

Waddington will add responsibility for sales into export markets to his existing role of international sales director (group companies) with immediate effect. 

The new leadership structure means that Dean Chance, who has been PRH international sales director (export) since 2015, will step down from his current roles as international sales director export/ managing director Penguin Germany / president Penguin Spain and Italy on 15th July. He is leaving the business and no future plans have been disclosed.

Mike Symons, group sales director for PRH UK, said: “Our international markets are continuously evolving and changing and we need to keep challenging ourselves to make sure we have the right structures in place if we are to maximise our sales. To do this, the time is now right to bring both our group and export teams under a single leadership with visibility of our international markets as a whole.

“I’m delighted that Rob will be leading the team. He has been doing an incredible job in growing sales to our group companies and has the vision and leadership needed to strategically grow our business still further in these significant and sizable markets.”

Waddington joined Random House in 2003 and, as sales director at Cornerstone, worked closely with the publishing team establishing authors such as Katie Fforde, Kathy Reichs, Susan Lewis and Katie Flynn, as well as being part of the wider team delivering the ongoing success of James Patterson.

He is further credited with maintaining Cornerstone as "a leading force" in non-ficiton publishing, with with the publication of Tony Blair’s memoir and Alastair Campbell’s diaries, among other bestsellers from Dawn French, Peter Kay, Eric Clapton and James Corden. He also led the sales team behind EL James’ Fifty Shades trilogy.

He was promoted to deputy international sales director in 2012 before moving to his current role in 2015.

Waddington said: "We have some incredibly talented people within our international sales structure and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with them across all our global markets.  As those markets evolve we will continue to build a dynamic team which will work closely with our publishing divisions to innovate and take our books to the widest possible readership.  Throughout my time at Penguin Random House I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of different and developing areas of our business and I know international sales offers us a great opportunity to continue our growth in the years ahead."

Dean, who steps down from his current roles under the new leadership structure, joined Penguin/DK in 2001 working in various roles in production, operations, sales and marketing within the Penguin Group. He was promoted to international sales director in 2009, responsible for driving international strategy and managing teams based in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg), Spain, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and the UAE. He was appointed PRH UK international sales director (export) in 2015.

Symons said: “I have had the pleasure of working with Dean for many years and have seen first-hand his passion and flair in our business. He has overseen a significant modernisation of the Penguin International Sales business since 2009 and has raised the profile of international sales within the wider business. He has been part of many consistently successful growth and efficiency initiatives. Dean’s track record speaks for itself, notably he has presided over a 47% growth in Penguin and DK sales since 2009 and since taking RH export responsibility in 2014 saw sales growth of 14%.

“He has been an important part of our business and his knowledge, skills and ability will no doubt see him succeed in whatever he chooses to do next."

Chance said: “In leaving this great business after many fruitful years with PRH, Penguin Group and DK, I am excited about my next challenge. I am incredibly proud that I move on knowing I have left the PRH international export team as market leaders with strong growth strategies for the future. I know under Rob’s leadership this wonderful team can excel even further. PRH has been a wonderful place to work and I will miss both the people I have worked with and the wonderful culture of this exciting company.”

Last month, PRH UK's Ian Hudson announced he was moving to become c.e.o of DK.