PRH launches The Scheme to attract new recruits

PRH launches The Scheme to attract new recruits

Penguin Random House UK has launched a programme to attract the “marketers of tomorrow”, with the company using Tumblr to find its new recruits.

The Scheme is an entry level programme designed to find people who may not have previously considered a career in publishing, and will look at people’s potential rather than their experience.

Four people will join Penguin Random House UK in September 2015 for a 13-month paid programme, receiving a “comprehensive induction and training in addition to two six-month marketing placements in two distinct and dynamic publishing divisions”.

Candidates will have to answer seven questions designed by Penguin Random House around seven qualities for success, rather than submit a CV.

The qualities are: a passion for Penguin Random House UK’s purpose; ideas and the ability to make them happen; curiosity; ambition; being digitally minded and social-media savvy; being persuasive and adaptable.

In stage two, candidates will be asked to complete a creative challenge via video interview on the interactive platform, HireVue, and finally there’ll be two selection days later this summer. 

Neil Morrison, HR director at Penguin Random House UK and International, said: “The Scheme is about breaking down perceived barriers and getting creative people who might never have thought about working in publishing to think again. By using Tumblr to recruit, we’re able to reach young people in the places where they’re already spending their time online.

“We are passionate about this new programme because we want to hear new voices, see different perspectives, and find fresh ways to tell our stories, to complement the wealth of marketing talent we already have across Penguin Random House UK.”

Tom Weldon, c.e.o. of Penguin Random House UK, said: “To connect our authors with the widest audiences possible we are focused on talking more directly and meaningfully with readers in bold and exciting new ways. We are experimenting and investing in new skill sets and techniques, from partnering with Mind Candy to launch its PopJam app to selling out a 10,000-seat tour for Caitlin Moran in the last year alone, to ensure Penguin Random House is the most consumer focused publisher in the UK. To build on this, we want to find and nurture the very best creative talent to help us connect readers with the stories, ideas and writing that matters."

The deadline for applications is 10th April 2015.