Feminist blogger Clarkson's essay collection to S&S

Feminist blogger Clarkson's essay collection to S&S

Simon & Schuster UK has pre-empted Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?, a collection of essays by journalist and blogger, Emily Clarkson.

Senior commissioning editor for non-fiction, Abigail Bergstrom, acquired world rights from Becky Thomas at Johnson and Alcock for a series of open letters by Clarkson that address "all manner of subjects and absurdities that impact on modern-day lives".

Emily Clarkson is the daughter of broadcaster and former "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson. 

Her book "unpicks the inherently wild notions of ‘the thigh gap’ and ‘the selfie’, questions the merciless scrutiny of the Daily Mail, ponders the etymology of the term ‘plus size’ and assesses why some of us are still crying in changing rooms". 

Clarkson has written for the Sunday Times, the Sun and Teen Tatler, and her feminist blog Pretty Normal Me, which launched in the summer of 2014, sets out to support and inspire women.

Bergstrom said: "I have no doubt that Emily will endear herself to readers with her instantly relatable, self-deprecating and incredibly funny voice. We are delighted to be publishing this book, building on her thriving following and taking her sharp and witty observations about life to a wider audience."

Clarkson has hopes her book will "speak to a range of women and men" and "make people laugh".

She said: "Being asked to write a book was probably the best thing that’s happened to me – up until that point I was gravely concerned that my mum was the only person reading my blog. I hope this book will speak to a range of women, and men actually, I hope it will make people laugh, but more importantly I hope it will open people's eyes to the fact that we've got a lot to do if we want to make growing up in a good and kind world a possibility for our daughters.’"

Can I Speak to Someone in Charge? will be published in April 2017.