PPC launches third year of mentorship scheme

PPC launches third year of mentorship scheme

The Publishers’ Publicity Circle has launched the third year of its mentoring scheme for book publicists. Devised by the PPC committee, the programme is designed to create a platform that will give publicists a chance to learn from "some of the best in the business".

Skills those selected for the scheme will get to hone include campaign planning while they'll also be given guidance on career and personal development. The aim is to give each publicist who enrols the opportunity to advance their understanding and realise their full potential.

The scheme is open for applications until 5.30pm on Monday 3rd December, with a view to pairing successful applicants with mentors by the end of December, ready to start the scheme in January 2019. Like last year publicists of all levels are welcome to apply, but to be eligible applicants must be PPC members.

Among the mentors involved this year are: Sophia Smith, PRH House Children’s; Sarah Braybrooke, Scribe; Paul Black, Anderson Press; Anna Frame, Cannongate; Maura Wilding, Maura PR & Communications; Julia Murday, Penguin Life; Georgina Moore, Headline & Tinder Press at Hachette; and Philippa Cotton, Bloomsbury.

Together they bring skills from across the industry, working for independents, larger publishers, agencies and children’s publishing. There will be opportunity for a new group of senior level publicists to apply to mentor publicists in 2020.

Veronique Norton, PPC chair, said: "It is wonderful to see the PPC mentoring going from strength to strength. Now in its third year this unique scheme offers publicists the chance to learn invaluable knowledge from more experienced publicists – including directors - across all publishing houses. Publicists are often integral to the success of a book and the PPC mentoring is a brilliant way to enrichen their roles as well as share skills and insights."

Brickell, one of this year's mentor and a director at Maura PR & Communications, said: "Publishing relies on the creativity and commitment of publicists and it's a high pressure job that requires guts, instinct and passion, so it's absolutely vital that we nurture talent. It has been wonderful working with the PPC on their mentoring scheme, I've been extraordinarily lucky to have learnt from the best in the business, so if we can share some of what we've learnt along the way, and it keeps the brightest minds in our press offices and delivering campaigns that have a transformative effect, then that's a fantastic thing for publishers, authors and ultimately, readers."

For further details and to apply for the scheme, those interested should visit the PPC website where the online application pack is available for download.