The Pound Project releases new story by illustrator Zeppelinmoon

The Pound Project releases new story by illustrator Zeppelinmoon

Independent publisher The Pound Project is running a campaign for short story "Under Orion" by illustrator Amber Fossey, better known as Zeppelinmoon.

The publisher described the book as an "offbeat take on the story of nature and the reality that the birds, beasts and humans of this world need each other to survive".

The Pound Project is a former winner of The Bookseller's Futurebook Startup of the Year award and was shortlisted for the Small Press of the Year 2020 title at the British Book Awards. It releases just one short story or essay at a time. It is usually £1 to hear or read a book online, or £5 to buy the book in print. Its products are only available during each campaign and the company only prints what it sells. The Zeppelinmoon campaign runs until 19th October. 

Fossey said: “It's the smallest things that bring me joy.  A tiny treasure, a thing to hold. That's why it's my absolute pleasure to have been invited to create Under Orion. It’s the culmination of five years work, of being here with [an audience], telling tiny stories. I put all of my heart, pencil shavings and tears into this book. 

“It’s a scary time to be alive, for us and every soul we share the planet with. Humans have been collectively greedy for so long, but I hope we are starting to realise the future depends on respect for all life forms. It’s no good making a mess and escaping to space, we have to look after our home, and each other.”