Pottermore redesigns Harry Potter e-book covers

Pottermore redesigns Harry Potter e-book covers

Pottermore has commissioned graphic designer Olly Moss to redesign the front covers of the Harry Potter e-books.

Moss’ designs mainly feature one block colour per book, with ‘Harry Potter’ printed in large letters at the top and one image, such as an owl or a phoenix, in the centre. The author’s name, J K Rowling, is at the bottom of each design.

In an interview with Pottermore, Moss said he read and enjoyed the books as a child. “I wouldn’t work on something that I didn’t really love or wasn’t important to me, because I wouldn’t do a good job,” he said.

He added that he was inspired in his career by Paul Bass, Paul Rand and Jason Munn and that he likes images to have more than one layer. He explained: “The initial ‘oh that’s an attractive image’ then it’s got a secondary reveal when you look closer. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed doing.”

The interview with Moss was published by a Pottermore ‘correspondent’ – a journalist hired by the site to write regular news about the Harry Potter world.

Pottermore announced it would be hiring a number of correspondents when it relaunched its site in September. Other changes included making the site mobile-first and writing about the films and the stage show, so not only focusing on the books.

The e-books with Olly Moss’ artwork are now available with various retailers and will be sold by the Pottermore shop from next year.