Polygon to publish 'scintillating' gangland thriller from Meyrick

Polygon to publish 'scintillating' gangland thriller from Meyrick

Scottish independent publisher Polygon Books, an imprint of Birlinn, will publish Denzil Meyrick's Terms of Restitution in September 2021, the author's first modern-day gangland thriller. 

The publisher acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Jo Bell at Bell Lomax Associates.

The synopsis reads: "Gangland boss Zander Finn is so sickened by the brutal murder of his son in a Paisley pub that he decides to change his life. Following the advice of his priest and mentor, he moves clandestinely to London and becomes an ambulance driver. But when his old second-in-command Malky Maloney tracks him down on a London street, Finn knows he must return. Both his real family and his crime family face an existential threat from Albanian mobsters determined to take control of the Scottish underworld. Facing the forces of law and order under Detective Chief Inspector Amelia Langley and a mysterious Italian woman, Finn struggles for survival in a roller-coaster ride of brutality, tenderness, misplaced loyalties and the utterly unexpected."

Meyrick said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to bring readers something new. I'm a huge fan of the 'Sopranos' TV show. The mix of visceral crime, family life and bags of humour, I think, more accurately represents real life than unremittingly dark noir. Thinking about that model, I've used my own approach in Terms of Restitution. Nobody lives a single-themed life, and I believe it's really important, if any authenticity is to be had, that characters inhabit as real and relatable world as possible.

"In Terms of Restitution, we see the stresses and strains of life on Zander Finn, as he struggles to come to terms with the pressure of his two families, his blood relatives, and his business family. I'm also excited to unveil a new cast of characters, full of strong women like DCI Amelia Langley, and Maggie Finn, the formidable matriarch of both Zander’s families. All told, I'm more than excited to let you spend time with the Finns in Terms of Restitution."

Meyrick is the author of the DCI Dale crime books. The ninth title in the series, For Any Other Truth, will be published on 3rd June 2021.