Poet Laureate gets festive with new collection

<p>Poet Laureate Carol Anne Duffy has teamed up with Candlestick Press to bring seasonal poems to readers across the country this Christmas. Duffy has selected 12 poems to feature in <em>The Twelve Poems of Christmas</em>, the latest in the publisher&rsquo;s range of &ldquo;Instead of a Card&rdquo; poetry pamphlets. </p><p>Candlestick Press will publish the pamphlet, complete with a matching envelope and bookmark &ldquo;left blank for your message&rdquo; in September, priced &pound;4.95, as an alternative to Christmas cards.</p><p>The pamphlet will contain an introduction from Duffy and 12 Christmas-themed poems, one for each day of the festive period. American poet Langston Hughes is one of the poets featured with &ldquo;Carol of the Brown King&rdquo;, along with the 19th-century English poet Leigh Hunt with &ldquo;Christmas&rdquo;. </p><p>The Poet Laureate has described it as &ldquo;an innovative and fabulous way to deliver poetry.&rdquo;<br />Jenny Swann, publisher at Candlestick Press, said: &ldquo;Instead of giving each other yet another tasteful but throwaway card, we want to encourage people to give each other poetry pamphlets. We want to bring poetry back into everyday life, and we think Carol Anne Duffy&rsquo;s selections will certainly do that.&rdquo; </p><p>She added: &ldquo;The pamphlet can be slipped in the post, given to friends and family or left to poke enticingly out of a Christmas stocking.&quot;</p><p>Candlestick Press was set up in 2008 with the hope of increasing the popularity of poetry. Earlier this year, it published the <em>Ten Poems About Bicycles</em> poetry pamphlet, which was the UK&rsquo;s first collection of poems dedicated to bicycles. </p>