Abrams & Chronicle m.d Pocock leaves company

Abrams & Chronicle m.d Pocock leaves company

Doug Pocock, m.d. of Abrams & Chronicle Books (A&CB), left the company on Friday (11th March) in order to “pursue other opportunities”.

A statement from the company given to The Bookseller said: “Abrams & Chronicle Books (A&CB) has announced that Doug Pocock, managing director of the London-based sales and marketing joint venture, will be leaving the company as of March 11th in order to pursue other opportunities.  A&CB thanks Doug for his efforts in helping to grow the enterprise in both the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe and wishes him all the best in his new endeavours.”

The search for new leadership is "underway", the company said.

Pocock oversaw a 15-strong sales and marketing team which covered the UK and export markets. A&CB distributes books from other illustrated publishers including Galison, Princeton Architectural Press and V&A.

Pocock joined the company in 2013. He was previously at The Media Partners and Egmont and was made a member of the A&CB board in 2015.

Recent figures for A&CB filed at Companies House show that revenue for the company grew 10.5% from £12,986,303 in 2013 to £14,356,492 in 2014 under Pocock's leadership, while profit stood at £187,676 in 2014.