PMJ snaps up Dunbar's book on overcoming self-doubt

PMJ snaps up Dunbar's book on overcoming self-doubt

Penguin Michael Joseph (PMJ) has acquired the first book from clinical psychologist Dr Michaela Dunbar.

Publisher Fenella Bates acquired world rights from Sarah Williams at Sophie Hicks Agency. You’ve Got This will be published on 28th April 2022 in hardback, e-book and audio on 28th April 2022 by Penguin Michael Joseph. 

Dunbar is a qualified clinical psychologist and founder of Instagram account @myeasytherapy, which has more than 600,000 followers. “She has spent years helping women master their anxiety and overcome self-doubt so they can take unapologetic action to unlock their potential and find happiness and success,” PMJ said. 

“Through one-to-one coaching and therapy sessions and engaging with thousands of women through her online courses, Michaela has identified the seven key ways high-functioning anxiety can manifest in our lives, from people pleasing to imposter syndrome, overwhelm to perfectionism, and shows us how to transform negative thoughts and difficult emotions.” 

The blurb reads: “You've Got This will provide insight and tools to help readers reframe their anxiety and understand how to manage their thoughts and emotions, so they no longer interfere with their relationships, career or quality of life. It will explain how to overcome self-doubt, set boundaries, avoid burnout and free yourself from the traps of overthinking, to confidently step into a life you love.” 

Dunbar said: "I cannot describe how happy I am that my first book will be published by Fenella and her amazing team at Michael Joseph. I hope my readers will finish the book with confidence that not only is there a way out from the anxiety, overwhelm and the self-doubt that they have hidden for so long, but that that they can have any thought and any feeling, no matter how difficult, and still do what it takes to create success in any area of their life they desire. This book is the road map to wellbeing we should all have received at school."

Bates said: "Dr Michaela Dunbar is a powerhouse online content creator with over 600,000 followers on Instagram, and enormously successful online courses. Dr Michaela is also a qualified clinical psychologist who has spent over a decade working for the NHS and helping people deal with mental health issues. With this book, Dr Michaela takes the psychological and scientific expertise she has developed through many years of working in clinical settings with patients, and distils it in a clear, accessible and actionable way to help readers unlock their potential, and live fearless and exciting lives."